Spectacle Dispensing

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The results of an excellent eye examination can so often be let down by a poorly dispensed pair of spectacles. Like most things that appear simple, there is a lot more to making the perfect pair of spectacles than meets the eye!

FSelecting framesAt Euin Steele & Partners your spectacle prescription will be assessed by our fully qualified Dispensing Optician or Optometrists.

Because the range of frame and lens options is seemingly endless, our staff work with you to ensure you get the very best spectacles to suit not just your face but your budget too.

BaldessariniNot all types of lenses are suitable for every lens prescription, so our staff analyses your results. We will then advise you of the alternatives, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and give you a full quote of the costs involved.

Our aim is to make you a pair of spectacles that are comfortable to wear and give you the best vision possible. We are specialists in lightweight eyewear but have a vast range of all styles to suit your taste and budget.

dispensing room Our spectacle dispensing suite is away from the waiting room area so it is both quiet and private as possible. This enables us to give you the very best in personal attention.

We also have our ‘Impressionist’ dispensing imaging system, which allows you to compare your appearance in different spectacle frames and lenses, ideal for those of you who struggle to see without spectacles so you can be fully confident in your choice.

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The ‘Impressionist’ system also allows us to individually design your spectacle lenses to give you the optimum visual comfort and quality in vision.


Rodenstock_sun glassesWe all know the importance of sun protection for our skin but relatively few people regularly protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

Here at Euin Steele & Partners we have always promoted the use of full UV protection Sunglasses. UV light is linked with many eye conditions such as cataract and macular degeneration not to mention skin wrinkles which we can avoid if we use protective Sunglasses.

Every year we run a promotion of Wimbledon Prescription Sunglasses. These are available in single vision, bifocal and varifocal lens designs and cost from as little as £119.00.

If you order at the same time as your everyday spectacles you can save 25% on the normal promotion price of these stylish Sunglasses. Porsche_sun glasses

If you play outdoor sports then why not look at our range of NIKE Sports Sunglasses. These wraparound styles afford the ultimate sun protection when playing cricket, riding a bike, running or playing golf. These wraparound lenses need special curved lenses and so are not available in all prescriptions but our Dispensing Optician will happily guide you as to their suitability.

We also offer an extensive range of ADIDAS Sports Sunglasses for golf, running and skiwear. This range is very extensive offering a multitude of different lens tints to match with your activities. These can be ordered and delivered within a few days if we do not have then in stock.


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